Your path to financial freedom never looked so easy

Discover a book for millennials that will show you how to take control of your finances, grow your wealth and never worry about money again.

50% of all proceeds donated to financial basics foundation

Learn in the book that

you don't need to come from money to be setup for life

Change your mindset

Gain the mental freedom that comes from taking control of our finances and a path to financially security.

Work smarter, not harder

Discover how to budget, save for your first home or investment and how to leverage grants and incentives to improve your financial destiny.

Secret sauce to accumulating wealth

Learn the 8th wonder of the world - compound growth. As time goes on, the returns amplify and you're set for life

Are you excited or terrified by the state of your finances?

> 50% of Aussies live payday to payday
> Most can’t access $500 for emergencies

In Bulletproof Investing, James’ hopes to change the stats on these numbers. He is on a mission to use what he knows to help more Australian’s sleep at night using a simple yet pragmatic approach, you can get on a path to financial freedom sooner rather than later.

News sites sing praise for a finance book Millennials can relate to


3 simple steps

to financial stability, security and dreaming of tropical vacay's!


Order the book and get your bonuses


Read the book and implement just one of the steps and you’ll be better off


Gain financial freedom!
Enjoy the confidence that you’re on your way to a better financially free future!

This is a superbly written and at times a gut-wrenchingly real-life account of how to take control of your life. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to come from money. But you do need to be focused and determined.

Futurist keynote speaker, columnist and author

By real estate expert, investor, entrepreneur & author James Fitzgerald

James is in his early thirties and has implemented everything he teaches in the book, and is now setup so he never has to worry about money again.

  • Has bought, sold and developed more than 2,000 properties
  • Owns his home and 5 investment properties
  • A regular commentator and educator on real estate and investment
  • Managing Director for property development and investment strategy company JLF Group
  • Mentored by his uncle John. L Fitzerald who wrote Australia’s #1 book on real estate investment

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