Saving 1% on your home loan

It’s now a foregone conclusion that interest rates are, and will continue, increasing (see last week and the week before for my thoughts on that). Following the rate rise last week, Australia’s biggest bank, the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has now announced a new product that will save borrowers up to 1 per cent a year on their home loans. It […]

Why I am not worried about Inflation

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) this week confirmed that Australia is experiencing its highest rate of inflation since June 2001. Inflation is a term used to measure the increase in the cost of goods and services. The rate of inflation in Australia is 5.1 per cent today, meaning the cost of goods and services today is 5.1 […]

Rising Interest Rates

There is a lot of talk about interest rates right now. A lot of talk about an increase and the impact this may have on Australian households and property prices. As does with chatter, it is often accompanied by misinformation. Let me start by saying it is not a case of if but when – interest rates will go […]

Rental Affordability Challenges

It’s official. The Australian federal election has been called for May 21.   It’s likely that one of the bigger discussion points in the lead up to the election will be housing affordability.   The affordability of housing is a big issue for Australians, and one often talked about in the context of buying. But […]

The Budget – my three take aways

The Federal Government budget was released during the week, setting out the government’s income and expenses for the coming year.   While the budget is a mostly dry affair, it can have a big impact on the everyday person.   Here were my three main take aways from the budget and what they mean for […]

Lessons from the Barty Party

It was easily the biggest news last week: Ash Barty retiring from tennis. The decision to retire at just 25 years of age, was totally unexpected. She retired ranked number one in the world, and with three Grand Slams to her name, the most recent being the 2022 Australian Open which she won earlier this year. It’s […]

The Tree Change effect

There were 76,000 blocks of land sold in Australia during 2021. For perspective, that was up on the 54,000 sold in 2020, and well up on the 29,000 sold during 2019. It’s been dubbed the ‘tree change’ effect; people moving from the city to the suburbs in search of more space and lifestyle. As a […]

Is this Stagflation?

The increasing price of fuel has started to hit Aussies hard, with the cost of filling a tank up by nearly 20 per cent in the space of just a few weeks. The rising costs of living has sparked a lot of suggestions that Australia may be heading toward ‘stagflation’.    What is stagflation?  Stagflation […]

Career & Income

What an emotionally draining week. There were the floods, a brewing war in Ukraine, and to top it all off, news of Shane Warne’s passing on Saturday morning. You can’t help but feel like Covid is fast becoming a distant memory! Shane Warne was a childhood hero of mine, as I am sure he was […]

The Great Deposit Challenge

The median house price in Australia today is now $900,000. Depending on the deposit required, when you factor in stamp duty and other costs, you’re going to have to save somewhere between $135,000 and $240,000 just to buy at the middle of the market. Those numbers become even bigger in cities like Melbourne and Sydney […]