The Tree Change effect

There were 76,000 blocks of land sold in Australia during 2021. For perspective, that was up on the 54,000 sold in 2020, and well up on the 29,000 sold during 2019. It’s been dubbed the ‘tree change’ effect; people moving from the city to the suburbs in search of more space and lifestyle. As a […]

Is this Stagflation?

The increasing price of fuel has started to hit Aussies hard, with the cost of filling a tank up by nearly 20 per cent in the space of just a few weeks. The rising costs of living has sparked a lot of suggestions that Australia may be heading toward ‘stagflation’.    What is stagflation?  Stagflation […]

Career & Income

What an emotionally draining week. There were the floods, a brewing war in Ukraine, and to top it all off, news of Shane Warne’s passing on Saturday morning. You can’t help but feel like Covid is fast becoming a distant memory! Shane Warne was a childhood hero of mine, as I am sure he was […]

The Great Deposit Challenge

The median house price in Australia today is now $900,000. Depending on the deposit required, when you factor in stamp duty and other costs, you’re going to have to save somewhere between $135,000 and $240,000 just to buy at the middle of the market. Those numbers become even bigger in cities like Melbourne and Sydney […]

How much damage can Afterpay do to your future?

It’s been a rough start to the year for the share prices of buy now, pay later (BNPL) companies. A single share in Afterpay was hovering around $100 late last year but is now sitting closer to $40. Similarly, a single share in Zip was sitting at $7 late last year but is now circa […]

Destination Australia… Here We Come!

It’s time to call it…. Destination Australia! I’ve loved watching the Winter Olympics over the past week or so. While I wasn’t inspired quite enough to take up downhill skiing, I did find myself craving a visit to the northern hemisphere ski slopes. I was therefore thrilled when it was revealed during the week that Australia is […]

When will we be getting paid more?

when will we be getting paid more or Inflation explained … Inflation – it’s everywhere!  I thought I’d dedicate this week’s blog to explaining what inflation is and how it impacts us individually.  Inflation is the increase in the price we pay for goods and services.  The annual rate of inflation in Australia today is […]

Interest rates, shares and house prices

This week we talk interest rates, shares and house prices in 2022… How great was it when Ash Barty became the first Aussie woman in 44 years to win the Australian Open! Sport is funny like that – it can positively influence the nation’s mood – be it socially, economically, and even politically. We really needed a […]

Ready, set, goals!

Welcome to 2022 It’s been an interesting first few weeks of the year that’s for sure! Novak Djokovic dominated the headlines, the Aussies dominated the Poms in the cricket, and many businesses have been stretched by staff shortages as we adjust to the new ‘normal’. Personally, I am excited and grateful for the progress we are making. I […]

Make time for rest

This is the most powerful habit. Summer is well and truly here. We’ve seen the first Test Match of the summer come and go and, as of yesterday, all States but Western Australia have now opened their borders, allowing many families to reunite for Christmas! Here’s hoping it is the last we see of border closures and […]

Stay put or move on

Some good news for home buyers this week with a surge in homes listed for sale. It’s been an anxious 12 months for would-be buyers, feeling as though there simply aren’t enough homes available for sale. And they’re right. For most of this year, the total number of homes listed for sale has sat a quarter below […]

Open the gates

Open the gate! The Federal Government has announced that as of 15 December our international borders will reopen to fully vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible visa holders. At this stage that means international students, skilled workers, working holiday makers and refugees will be allowed into Australia without a travel exemption or requirement to […]